so tired
school is killing me
i barely have time to do anything
living in westchester sucks
there's like nothing to do
i go to sleepy hollow hs
and the name is like retarded

oh gosh o_o

so um i ended up not going on sunday because my sister lost our plane tickets lol ! so we didn't go yesterday and got everything straightened out today so we could go tomorrow. my sister lisa has the worst memory ever. it's a miracle that she didn't forget her name yet !
oh and my cousin sara wanted to go too so she's going with me and lisa :D how fun...two and a half ours on delta listending to them talk. i should charge my ipod right now so it doesn't run out on the plane.
-hugs computer- i will miss you for two weeks..but i'll buy a keyboard cover or something for you -hugs again-

i'm going on vacation?

my parents are sending me off to visit my cousins in california on sunday. um, okay....short notice? i have only tomorrow to pack and i'm staying for like two weeks. what the heck o_o;; this is the first time evar that i'm meeting my cousins and it's kinda awkward xD
oh well! so i hear they have a dog and i'm a huge animal lover so it's cool.... why is there a icon of a dog rolling around next to my friends page....oh because misha_z's icon is exactly that. cool!
...i feel like i'm 5 again.... oh, which reminds me, i have like 5 cents left because i was bought saikano 3 and stuff. it's good t-t.
how do you change the layout on livejournal? i still can't figure it out.